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Finding Bravery in Changing Circumstances

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


Powerful, silent, stealthy, and irreversible.

In a moment, your world forever changed.

Inside, then out.

We learn, each in our own time, that the transformation that awaits us needs no introduction, no signal of its arrival.

Imposing abrupt, devastating and often fatal, change.

One would think that such earth-shattering moments would be apparent to those around you, those who form part of your tribe, your community.

Not always.

Those living within the confines of their comfort zones resist the change they feel in you. Unable, or unprepared, to respond to the signal for change that it elicits within themselves.

Forcing a break - a rupture.

As parts of us die away, those relationships die in tandem.

Those connections, become part of an unwritten history. Fading into memories of what once was, but can no longer be, as you undoubtedly are no longer who you once were.

And you take a step forward.

Stepping into rebirth. Consumed by this transformation, finding your footing.

These shifts are bigger than who you are in this moment, and guide you towards becoming.

Embrace the solitary path - you’ll emerge in due time.

Take the time to rediscover self. Reacquainting yourself with the same reflection, yet different person staring back at you in the mirror.

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced anything quite so… intense. Do you think this is something everyone goes through?

There are moments in life that choose us.

Each of us will respond our own way, will engage with the inevitable upheavals to our world, to the best of our ability.

One thing is certain, existence could never be limited to our five senses, not when each of us carry these stories of change within us.

When each of us knows…

The most profound of experiences are those felt, those indescribable moments, untold.

Do you see the transformation in me? Does it scare you?

I see you. I hear you, and I am not afraid.

Awaken to the power within you, and let it take your breath away.

Recognize that so much of what makes us beautiful is unseen, unperceived, and tragically dormant.

Hoping, waiting.

That we will embrace disruption, embrace pain, with courage and bravery.

Whatever it is you are facing, believe that it is encouraging you to let go of what you know, and to trust yourself to step into the unknown.

So much of who you are awaits you, there.

Say your goodbyes.

Trust that through it all, you are going to be fine.

More than fine.

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