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"The Path Least Travelled:" Going Against the Grain of Convention

Never regret taking a calculated risk.

Understanding that a decision that carries any degree of uncertainty is risky.

Develop the habit of taking a chance on the unknown. Unearth the societal bias that overvalues and overly esteems certainty.

A bias that enables a false sense of security; that assumes the validity of histories shared, or experienced.

In valuing certainty, we frame our decision-making as “fool-proof,” thinking we are behaving with principle and maturity.

Aligning ourselves to security, stability, or safety… All in the name of responsibility.

When most of the time, we’re rationalizing why we’re selling ourselves short.

When we think about the number of geographies, languages, and cultures that this world comprises of, we can only rationally deduce that we are always limited by our scope of reference. What we know may be just enough to navigate in the world we’ve created or recreated for ourselves.

All to say, even with intention and exposure, we can never understand enough to hyper impose our view onto others when all we could know, remains to be such a tiny fraction of the billions of worldviews that exist.

In short, the sense of certainty that many carry in much of the ways of viewing the world, and the nature of things is falsely placed.

What we know, is always subject to revision - yet many of us anchor on a script of reality that feels right, because it feels familiar.

A false belief reinforced by assumptions that interplay with predictability. In predictability, we reinforce an illusion of control over the outcome and the circumstances.

Justifying and rationalizing that the confines of our comfort zone is somehow inherently better than all of the possibilities that lie on the road less travelled.

In every case, there is a person in this lifetime, making different decisions than you ever would, and still living a happy, or generally satisfactory life.

So take the risk.

There are certain choices that we make, aware of the level of destruction they will create. Whether the destruction is external to us, the destruction of hope that we carry within us. Recognize that there are choices - safe, stable, and secure choices - that we do not dare make. The right choice, more often than not, lies in taking the unknown path that is lit up by the desire to discover, explore, and experience - for oneself.

Failure has never been as bitter a pill to swallow as failing to try.

Dare to believe in what brought you to the here and now.

Or dare to question why continue forward on a path that is not yours to take.

Make the sacrifice, if it’s in pursuit of what you desire.

There is no such thing as certainty - so take a chance, in all the aspects it has mattered most.


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