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Celebrating Momentum - Each Incremental Step Forward

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The perspectives we take on, either help or hinder us.

As we reflect on where we are and all that we’ve been through, our self-portrayal counts.

Our evolving self-image, often fragile under the weight of inner criticism, overlooking and discounting our actions, our strengths and our abilities that enabled us to push through tough situations.

We fail to celebrate ourselves, fail to truly see our evolution, as we tap into our potential.

Rather, we focalize on the pitfalls, the shortfalls, and the areas that we struggled.

When challenging circumstances are the catalyst to unearthing our potential, it’s easy for our growth to get lost in translation. How do we value our development if we are unaware that new talents and abilities are actualizing? We are unaware of our becoming, because we are navigating through difficulties, just trying to stay afloat.

Our strengths are highlighted through the challenges and the difficulties.

Though the experiences that require us to exercise our strength are unpleasant, we are in fact, pushing through.

Celebrate the pushing through.

Each incremental step counts.

Celebrate your progress.

Everyday that you engage and exert effort, symbolizes momentum.

All momentum is forward moving, even our regressions, because the highs and lows, the peaks and valleys, they all serve to inform our becoming.

So embrace the process. Be present.

Rather than wish away the difficulties, or the challenges, rise to the occasion.

Develop an awareness of how talents and abilities are unearthing within you, as you tackle hardships head on.

The reward for your effort, for your blood, sweat and tears, is your own acknowledgment.

Your own validation is suffice.

Most people require an audience to feel validated for pushing through personal challenges. It’s hard to validate personal struggles, without others chiming in. There’s a sense of discomfort when it comes to encouraging or celebrating ourselves…, though we more freely wallow and indulge in self-pity. All to say, I recognize the importance in taking time to acknowledge our developing mental fortitude, from the energy expended as we push through each challenging day.

Strength is unearthed in struggle.

When we feel our weakest, it is because we are exercising strength.

In our daily battles, and seasons of struggle, recognize that we are learning, growing and developing.

Even if we’re falling, or even failing, everyday that we make an effort, we are authoring our own story.

Victors and not victims of personal circumstances.

With each chapter, write an ending that makes you proud, highlighting your becoming.

Give yourself permission to become the person, you know you have within you to become.

Celebrating the hard times for what they made of you.

Allow yourself a shift in perspective.

Choose to see those scars and battle wounds, as beauty marks.

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