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Gaining Perspective - Community as a Reflection of Self

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Few things in this world are as underrated as perspective.

A quiet moment, a small adjustment, of the way we see the world around us.

Throughout the course of a year, these moments accrue, and at some point, we find ourselves staring at our reflection, in awe at how much we have changed.

Realizing to what extent we underestimated those small, nondescript moments, that each, steadily added up to substantial and fundamental internal shifts in self.

Shifts in what we consider to be important, who we attribute importance to… all very significant, all reinforced in matters of perspective.

It’s interesting how you can value something, never questioning its permanence in your life, to then have a complete shift in perspective, that translates as you putting your time, care and energy, elsewhere.

Perspective is proof that even those of us who are the most resistant to change, are growing and evolving despite ourselves.

Broadening our ideals, as shifts in our beliefs move us, toward and away from people, places and experiences.

Cultivating awareness, of ourselves and those around us.

Gradually, with time and reflection, we tune in to this sense that the changes that have taken place in our lives, are truly extensions and reflections of the changes that are taking place within us, specifically.

The conversations we leaned into and stayed far from, the news reels, the policy changes, the highlights and the lowlights of life, all serve to influence our perspective.

In turn, influencing and shifting our perception of the world and the way by which we navigate through our environment, moving forward.

I often lose sight of the extent by which the changes in my thoughts, beliefs and actions, actualize changes within the communities in which I play part. It’s easier to recognize change as an external force, than to see change as an effect of my own personal growth and evolution.

Isn’t it?

Avoiding to see the role we play in creating the world around us, exempts us from requiring to take accountability for the consequences that our roles have brought into effect.

Participating in community requires perspective.

Mindfully defining our role in community, and how that role evolves and shifts over time.

Whether they are the communities we cling to, or those we abandon.

The communities that make us proud and those we begrudgingly accept or tolerate… or even the communities we denounce — all of these perspectives, are more of a reflection of what’s happening within us, than what’s happening externally.

We are each a lived expression of the relativity of belonging.

The extent that we feel we belong, and the extent that we reject a desire for belonging, for ourselves and for others.

How we see ourselves, is a powerful influencer to how we see and experience the world around us.

Self-portrayal is the foundation of each of our world views.

A cycle that perpetuates through these small, subtle, flickers of perspective.

What do we hold onto, what do we let go of?

When the world within is shaken, the world outside feels less certain, less inviting and less manageable.

Our sense of the world around us, more frequently than not, stems from disruptions taking place in the world, within us.

So the next time you look at your reflection, make a point to answer the question:

Who do you see right now?

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