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The Beauty in Non-Attachment: The Art in Letting Go

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There is a multiplicity in awareness that is influenced by our non-shared experiences.

Our perceptions of reality, though often corroborated by collective consciousness, is more influenced by our individual biographies than we care to admit.

Those moments and memories we choose to disclose, at our discretion.

Personal encounters that made their impression not only on who we are, but also on the way we perceive the world around us.

The instances that life allowed, that gave us the ability to see things that others don’t, and to blaze paths that others won’t.

We rarely assume that the people we surround ourselves with, have strikingly different lived experiences than we do. Confusing our ability to be relatable, as a byproduct of similarity. Whether organic or manufactured, to be perceived as similar, serves to reinforce our sense of belonging. Many of us only aligning to the status quo to satisfy our need to be included, blending into cultural fabrics of our own choosing.

Choosing comfort over clarity.

Anchoring into what is known and what is familiar, we make the required sacrifices to preserve our sense of security and stability.

Slowly, losing ourselves to our present reality, by dismissing the call to lean into possibility.

We fear the unknown, despite the opportunity to find ourselves in uncertainty.

We choose predictability.

Orchestrating each step forward, feeding our sense of control, resenting the influence our environments must play on the outcomes.

Often, so focused on knowing what cannot possibly be known, we lose sight of living.

Trying to govern how my life unfolds, is a form of living!? To say that one is not living because they are trying to control different variables and outcomes is a harsh summary of events. Living isn’t simply being swept away by a current and hoping for the best. There is an aspect of planning, strategy and precision involved. We are allowed to live, desire and hope without being accused of letting our lives pass us by.

Living requires letting go.

Moving forward in alignment with our hopes, desires and expectations, but letting go of how they may or may not manifest in reality.

Learning, that life is what it is — and not what we expect.

Even when the expected occurs, life is never bending to our will, it simply is what it is.

So we learn to appreciate the beauty in the expected and unexpected.

Seeking out the lessons in our accomplishments, as well as the learning from our disappointments.

Understanding that no experience lacks inherent value, despite our current perception of events.

Rather than control and manipulate the unfolding of circumstance, choose to wait and see.

Allow yourself to be surprised by what happens next.

Let things be as they are, all the while living in pursuit of what you want.

Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, in every moment that this beautiful life allows you.


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