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Trusting Beyond What We Currently Understand. The Beauty in Becoming

There is power in trusting in that which we do not understand.

We gain access to a deep-seated awareness of the world beyond us, when we stop trying to justify experiences that shook us to our core.

Those situations that robbed us of a version of ourselves that we still grieve.

Moments too visceral and violent, to be the ones that could possibly serve to teach us to accept that in certain cases, it simply is what it is.

The non-shared experiences, that we each posses, that alter our trajectory from the common and commonplace.

The moments where few, if any at all, can relate.

It’s difficult to formulate a reason to explain the events that broke us. We leverage logic to attain clarity, assuming that understanding will give us the closure that we seek. We expend energy in trying to rationalize why we exist, or at one point existed, on the wrong side of chance. Mending wounds from injuries we did not ask for or deserve.

Life is not devoid of struggle.

No amount of privilege, status, or accomplishment, will exempt any person’s life of its share of suffering.

While often overlooked and undervalued, character and conviction is birthed in the trials and tribulations we faced, conquered, and buried beneath our feet.

There is victory in survival.

Though each survivor’s story came at the cost of the version of self that could not withstand the storm. When life delivered the unexpected, we responded as we did, and in doing so experienced a rebirth.

The survivor.

Many of us didn’t ask to survive what it is we endured. The “unexpected” stole a version of a life, a path, and a direction, that we embraced and were happy and excited to see come to fruition. Many feel robbed of a future that we wanted to participate in. Now, all we have to show are the ashes of what was, what is, and whatever hope we carried for tomorrow.

We are the ones who choose whether to make beauty from the ashes.

As survivors, we have the power to make beauty marks of our scars.

Yet many assume a different version of events.

Rather than write a victor’s tale we see ourselves as the victims of chance.

Blinded to the strength inherent in the wounds and injuries we sustained.

Life demands growth from us all. Not for where we think we’re going, but for where our journey will take us. The challenges and circumstances seeking to birth the potential, the power, and the ability that is dormant within each of us. The skills, the gifts, and the talents that await the occasion to surface, to activate, and to shine. Diamonds are born under pressure. Diamonds require the fire and flames to burn away the impurities that would otherwise keep them hidden.

Trust that who you are now, is who is needed for where you are headed.

See the victory in the highs and lows that your journey comprises. Know that the aspects of self that do not make it, were only meant to serve you for a time.

The pressure that life dictates on our lives has a purpose that is often beyond our understanding.

Choose to celebrate the process of becoming.

What may have been intended to kill you, will instead birth a new version of you.

You are greater than what anyone could have ever expected.

Let their short-sightedness be their own, and their downfall — not yours.

Trust beyond that which you currently understand, everything that should be revealed, will be, in due course.


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