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Finding Our Way to Communities that Grow Together

Irrespective of the avenues we take, life offers the opportunity for learning and growth.

Through our choices and our dispositions we can intentionally, or unintentionally, opt out on our own development.

If we are convinced that we know all there is to know, we miss out on key lessons.

Missing one lesson, and subsequently another; creating a sequence of missed opportunities that hinder our evolution.

It is important to recognize that being receptive to learning, means actively nurturing and driving our personal expansion.

Few people would say they are closed off to learning something new about the world around them, about others, or about who they are and how that translates... though sometimes these attitudes are reflected in the actions taken and the arguments shared. Comfort breeding complacency, in how we critique our personal set of beliefs; rooted in place, indifferent to the paths untravelled.

In this vein, when we find ourselves closing off to new insights, because we are comfortable in what we know, we need our communities to challenge us.

Our commitment to growth, impacts the relationships we have, and the impact we stand to bring to the world, through our works and endeavours.

We need to nurture connections that push us from the confines of comfort, valuing contentment for what it is, a point in time but not forever.

Rather, always opting in - always striving for growth.

Though it may prickle your conscience and challenge the beliefs that are core to who you are, right now, learn to benefit from being comfortable with the discomfort that comes with stretching beyond your current normal.

And in the cases where you lack the personal motivation to do so, ensure that your community is prepared to rise to the occasion, on your behalf.

Why the manifesto? Why should any of us put any value on growth? On pushing ourselves and getting comfortable with discomfort. There is nothing particularly pleasant about the "journey" that you're describing. What's wrong with settling in and being comfortable, what's wrong with feeling content with who I am and what I know ,now... with not particularly caring about learning more?

Your journey, your choice.

Though, in valuing inner alignment, the prerequisite in action is the pursuit of what challenges your ways of thinking, being, and behaving in the world around you.

This life offers no steady state, change is a constant that cycles in perpetuity.

When we choose to close ourselves in, we are opting out of the cycle that in and of itself, promotes our growth.

Learning is beyond the four walls of an academic institution.

Learning began with your very first inhale in this life.

Learning will continue, with every breath that we take on this earth.

All to say, the quality of our insights, the depth the growth and development we stand to experience, depends on whether our life is spent resisting the learning that is available or leaning into the process of change; allowing change to be the source of our evolution.

Make the choice to invest in expansion.

Part of that investment is the company that you keep. Give your pursuits an opportunity to thrive, by aligning with people who value the journey that you endeavour to take, and can offer words of wisdom to support you on your journey.

Satiate your thirst to learn, and chart your path with care.

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