Bridging the Gap between Growth and Achievement

Updated: Feb 12

What is Growth?

While completing my undergraduate studies, I took an impressionable market economics class that described the human experience as the pursuit of social, intellectual and aesthetic growth.

This seems fairly straightforward.

The challenge is permitting yourself to grow socially, intellectually and aesthetically, beyond the limits of your inherent system of beliefs; thereby challenging the beliefs inherent to the society/societies within which you find yourself.

This definition of human growth is one of those universal principles that translates across all cultures and societies.

What is Human Achievement?

Human achievement is nuanced in that it is socially and culturally informed.

How a society defines achievement is easily measured by examining children’s literature. Children’s literature also provides a strong purview into what society values in human relationships. Each of us fit into different buckets respective to how we define achievement:

  1. For some, achievement is the voice in their heads comparing their progress to that of their peers, and putting a value judgment on personal ambitions and goals in relation to the ambitions and goals of those in their circle.

  2. For others, with experience and time, human achievement becomes self-determined. Crafting a definition that aligns with their individual values and beliefs.

  3. For the remaining few, it’s easy to mould their ambitions to the prescribed definitions of human achievement as defined by their communities, social groups and societal structures.

Why build a bridge between growth and achievement if society has it all figured out for me?

I liken achievement to a pair of shoes.

Have you ever gone into a store and found a pair of shoes that is one size fits all? (I mean even if you have… I hope you realize that it was a scam. I would be highly skeptical of a shoe designed to comfortably fit every foot that currently walks this earth).

Let’s consider your shoe size an achievement.

We each have our own shoe size (sometimes each foot has its own size).