From Theory to Application... A Tribute to the MC Family

Updated: Feb 12


The “nuclear” family is a tired construct.

What makes you say that?

The concept's illustration of family fails to capture so much. The dynamic that exists between family members is as unique as a fingerprint. I do not believe in this thing we call, “familial norms.”

A point that requires emphasis: Members of your family are the single most influential people to shape your development — in their presence or in their absence.

Whether you are, or are not, a moderate to high-functioning adult, who has any sense of autonomy and direction, you can largely thank your family for how you‘ve fared.

[Cue heated debates now].

The degree of importance that I attribute to family is one of the revelations that I owe to the “MC family.”

Who is the “MC family?”

The individuals that allowed me the opportunity to bridge theory with application, by allowing me into their home and into their lives.


I arrived to Paris with a pocket full of dreams and ambitions, adamant that I would only invest my energy in areas that I was passionate about. I also came to Paris with a project weighing heavily on my mind.