Some History: Data, Knowledge and other Details...

Updated: Feb 12

Eight years ago, on April 11, 2011, I submitted my research thesis, “ADHD: Does it have a Neurophysiological Basis or is it a Social Construct?”

Writing that paper re-oriented me on my life path.

Accumulating the knowledge and the depth of information required to submit, and do well, shifted my frame of thinking.

At 24 years old, all I thought I wanted was to graduate from university, find a boring job and lead a life of pleasant normality. (Yes, this would include marriage, children, a dog, maybe a hypo-allergenic cat, a Japanese fighting fish named “Gin no uraji”and a white picket fence).

I started constructing my paper, expecting to find a concrete black or white answer. Which is a typical, or shall I say, fairly standard expectation given that I was researching a clinical diagnosis that involved drug interventions to (drum roll, please) children.

Modern day spoon of Cod Liver Oil